My name is Lella Gislén, and I'm a Swedish bass player, singer, and songwriter.

I lived in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota between 1989, and 1996 where I amongst other things studied bass, vocals, and songwriting at McNally Smith College of Music (earlier called Music Tech). I also played in the Minnapolis/St. Paul local music scene.

I have studied for the late bassist Dan Breeze, bassist Bob Galombeck, and Terry Burns, guitarist Jim Ouska, and vocalist Jay Fuchs amongst others.

Back in Sweden again in the end of 1996, I've been working some as a freelance bass player, and from time to time doing my own original music projects.

I'm blessed to have three amazing custom built basses from Swedish Mattisson Bass.

I currently live outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.


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If you'd like to work with me

I'm available for online bass recordings, studio sessions, live gigs and songwriting collaborations. If you like what I do, please contact me with your enquiry.